Aso Oke

Our custom made Aso Oke outfits are designed by you for you

Book a consultation with us today and we will design your bespoke outfit in the colour and style of your choice  

Come through dripping when you choose us to source your fabric. 

Our packages are affordable and customised to fit you. 

Whether you want glamour or chic we can create your perfect look.

Supreme package  

Brides aso oke including:

  •  Iro (wrapper)
  • Blouse 
  • Ipele 
  • Head tie 
  • Hand fan
  • Veil  
Grooms Aso Oke including;  
  •  Agbada, 
  • 2 men's fila (cap)
Deluxe Package 

Brides Aso Oke including

  • Iro (wrapper)
  • Blouse
  • Ipele and; 
  • Head tie  
Grooms Aso Oke including;  
  • Agbada, 
  • 2 men’s fila (cap)
There is an additional cost for the Grooms under garments. Prices vary depending on the fabric If you would like to order Aso Oke for only the bride or the groom, we can also offer this service. 

Colour Chart

If your desired colour is not int he below chart, don't worry! Chances are we can still make it happen.

Prices vary depending on the style of your attire. Complete the below form for your consultation